About me

Hi, I'm Lucy. Lucy Crisp. Yes C R I S P... like a packet of.

I've heard it all and growing up I used to hate my name but now I kinda like it. 
Im 24 and originally from Teesside but now lucky enough to be working and living in Melbourne with my fiancĂ© Michael.
I started this blog 'cause Michael said I should 'get a hobby' probs so he can play PS4 games and drink beer in peace. 
So here I am in my lil corner of the internet, writing and taking photos of anything and everything that makes me happy enough to want to share it with you.
I am obsessed with good food and drink, love to have my back tickled and always on the look out for the next adventure.

I really, really hope you like it here :)

Love Luce x
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