5 things I have learnt from a year of blogging

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Time really does fly when you're having fun.

One year blogiversary

Flashback to early 2017... I was sitting down with my new paperchase planner and gel pen set, with all the feels from starting school again with new stationary, ready to set my goals for the year ahead. 

Little did I know how much I was actually going achieve, or how many things on my bucket list I would manage to tick off.

From the hardest goodbyes to new adventures, 2017 was one hell of a rollercoaster that I didn't wanna get off.

Starting a blog was something that I'd wanted to do for a while, mainly because I love to write and spend so much time scrolling through the internet - I thought blogging would be a better use of my time. What I didn't know that blogging would provide was a sense of belonging. It opened up a whole new community to me from writers and reviewers to photographers that I found I have a lot in common with. 

Although blogging was originally only supposed to be a part time aspect of my life and not a full time career, it has allowed me to expose my writing style to companies who require copy writing services. Earning from your passions, seems like life's greatest challenge and I'm very grateful for this.

5 things I have learnt from a year of blogging

1. I really love writing

By picking up this new hobby I have adapted my own writing style over the past year. I was given the opportunity to begin freelance writing for different companies, truly finding my passion, a job that I'm excited to wake up for.

2. What even is SEO?

I asked this question a lot at the beginning of last year. After now completing a diploma in digital marketing, I think back to how I definitely thought it was more complicated than it actually is. If you're still wondering wtf is SEO? This is the easiest way to explain.

3. The value of community

Shout out to all you babes who take time out of your day and visit my blog, out of the millions there are to choose from, to comment, share via social media and help spread my content. You're the real MVP's.

4. I appreciate a flat lay 

Around this time last year I genuinely thought a flat lay was what the cool kids were now calling planking. But oh now I appreciate how a good flat lay can transform a blog post. Outside lighting is the one.

5. It's about the journey

So a few months in I started to join some blogging groups and got involved in the conversation. Google analytics was a big deal, so I signed up. I'll admit at first I did become a little obsessed over the stats and worried about them more than I should. I've recently learnt when you focus on the results you forget about the process and to just have fun, produce good quality content and the rest will come.

So thanks for sticking around this past year with me, it's been one hell of a ride!

Love Luce x

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