Christmas Gift Guide: For Kids

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: For Kids
There's something very magical about Christmas when you're a child. The build up is so exciting, queuing up to see Santa, your heart pounding out of your chest, trying to keep it together, knowing you only get this one chance to sit on his knee to tell him what you want for Christmas, you sit there, overwhelmed and say... Gameboy. He looks at you chuckles, and hands you a selection box instead.

That year I did get the Gameboy (colour too) and a mass of other gifts. How exciting was it rushing down the stairs to the room filled with cartooned paper, sparkly ribbons and huge bows? Then you run to check if Santa ate his mince pie and Rudolph the carrot. Of course they did...

I have a younger brother (8) and sister (13) so the magic is still there at home for me. I'll be 10,000 miles away from home this year so I'll be Face timing them. They'll wake up around 5am, usually because my mam was up first and most excited. It'll be 4pm in the afternoon here and I'm pretty sure i'll be a few Pimms* down by then (yeah how weird is that, summer drinks for Christmas - yep there will be a shrimp on the barbie too)

Here's 10 gift ideas for kids to make their Christmas extra special this year.

* lol it tried to change Pimms to 'Pimps' - I can assure you that's not what I meant...

A Christmas Gift Guide: For Kids

1. Hatchimals Surprise 

Smyths - £69.99

Last years sell out toy. You literally couldn't buy them anywhere unless you were one of those committed mamas who lined up for days outside of the shops to be in with the chance. This ones cute but nothing on my childhood fave slimy alien that gave birth (it did I swear)

2. Nerf Gun

Argos - £24.99

The Nerf gun! A Timeless classic. This year a special little someone in my fam will be opening one of these on Christmas day. Let's just hope he doesn't somehow, in the next 12 days, start being interested in lifestyle blogs and come across this. And Lilly... don't you dare tell him, Santa still watches you too! 

3. Speak out Kids vs Parents Game

Toys R Us - £19.99

This year Hasbro are challenging kids and parents to go head to head in this hilarious game. The first time me and friend tried to play this we honestly couldn't say any of the words for laughing so much. Prepare to see your loved ones teeth and gums in a way you never have before...

4. Star Wars - BB8

Amazon - £199.99

Star Wars. Enough said.

5. Toilet Trouble

Ebay - £19.99

Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? He wanted to get to the bottom.
See everyone loves toilet humour! This is sure to be a splash this Christmas, hope it's not crap. Bum Tsss.

6. Lazer X

Argos - £44.99

No longer do you have to wait for the annual trip to Butlins for the rematch. Bring the ultimate game of  Laser Quest to your living room. Never mind the kids, brb just ordering one for me and Michael.

7. Crayola Ultimate Tub of Colour

Smyths - £19.99

I'm sorry but is there actually a better gift to give than a tub full of crayolas! Drag the kids away from the technology and let them create you a masterpiece.

8. Foam Cone Factory

Wicked Uncle - £17.95

If I was 5 again I would love you forever if you bought me this. Mr Whippy, anyone?

9. Wooden Pastel Kitchen

ELC - £60

Apart from being absolute real life kitchen goals, you can save £90 off this play kitchen! Now where do I find heart knobs like that for my cupboards? 

10. Lego Duplo - My First Rocket

Waterstones - £8.99

What kid doesn't love lego? Introduce them to the never ending world of possibilities from an early age with these larger blocks.

Love Luce x

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