Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him
It's day 2 of the Christmas gift guides. I think it's crazy how people have finished their Christmas shopping already. But not just finished it, actually bought every single thing off their lists (and more), sat and wrapped them all up and sent them to Santa! Now that's organised.

If you're anything like me you'll only just be beginning to think about trawling through the internet in search of those funky nobody else will have thought of these kinda gifts.

I find it really easy to buy for the gals in my life. Usually because I buy things I would like too. But men *sigh* why are they so difficult to buy for?!

I've done the trawling so you don't have to. Hopefully this list inspires you to buy the man in your life something special... and not have to opt for socks again!

A Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

1.  Brewery in a Box

Beer Hawk - £65

Does your fella think he knows everything there is to know about 'craft beer'? Yep, mine too. Stay one step ahead and give him the opportunity to become 'Britain's best brewer'.

2. Beard Care Box

Gruff Beard - £32.99

With a great beard comes great responsibility. Channel your inner man with this one as it already comes perfectly packaged you don't have to worry about wrapping! Plus, you don't want to be kissing a wiry, unkempt beard ladies...

3. iPhone Docking Station

Etsy - £37.93

Kill two birds with one stone - a great stylish gift and his bedside table is tidy too! This one is made from recycled skateboards and might even get a 'cool' reaction from the fussy teen in your fam.

4. Chocolate Tools

The Chocolate Workshop - £25.50

This ones for the granddads with the not-messy-but-organised-chaos-makes-your-nana-want-to-scream kinda garages. Enjoying these chocolates gives him another excuse to put off fixing that cupboard for just a little bit longer... but its Christmas we'll forgive him.

5. Power Bank

Amazon £14.90

Now there's no excuse for him not to reply because 'his phone died' lol joke but seriously these things are a god send.

6. Star Wars Mug

IWOOT - £6.99

Because Star Wars is everywhere now, but of course your man has been obsessed since 1977. He was born in '93? Huh. Let him feel the power of the force every time he enjoys a brew in his new heat changing mug.

7. Jack Black Essentials

Men Kind - £29

Hey it's Michael. Every man needs to have Jack Black in their lives. Come to think of it School of Rock on DVD would be a good shout too, thanks Luce!

8. Battle Drones Set

Urban Outfitters - £60

2 Drones + 2 controllers, prepare to unleash his inner child. He'll be knocking on his friends door ready for a battle like he did when he was 12! I bought Michael one last year and I've never seen someone so excited.

9. Telephoto Lens Set

Amazon - £16.98

No need to splash out on an expensive camera this Christmas. Buy this lens set and he will have all the attachments he needs to snap that perfect picture of...YOU (finally)

10. Personalised Bookmark

Not on The High Street - £29.50

For the man who has everything. This personalised bookmark will save him from tearing bits of tissue/paper/receipts that you needed to save his place in his book. 

Love Luce x

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