Christmas Gift Guide: For Furry Friends

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: For Pets
I'm having one of those nights where you look at the clock for the first time in a while and it's 3 hours later than you thought.

What have I done with my evening? 

Scrolled through Instagram for 9863983 hours, but not my pals pics - Instagram explore. Not sure if there's anyone else out there like me but I can get stuck on that bloody thing for ages.

Who knew there was 9 different ways to cut a mango, those cutting play-doh videos are very satisfying and those wacky designs people get shaved into their heads oh all the relatable memes.

So I've decided to do something a little more productive, here's the third gift guide!

A Christmas Gift Guide: For Furry Friends

1.  Striped Pet Tipi

Not on The High Street - £54

This is so cute I wish I could fall asleep in it. Suitable for both cats and dogs your furry friend will love their own space in this cosy tipi.

2. Cat Gift Box

Amazon - £16.99

This gift box comes packed with natural and ethically sourced British treats and toys. Each box is tailored to suit your pet. Puuurfect!

3. Quilted Dog Coat

Jules B - £34.99

Your pampered pooch will be the most comfortable and stylish on the Christmas day walk in this beautiful coat.

4. Cat Scratch Laptop

Not on The High Street - £24.95

The guys and gals at All things Brighton Beautiful have done it again. No longer will Felix feel left out when you're on your laptop. He will love getting his claws stuck in (and will stop him from clawing up the furniture too)

5. Small Animal Castle

Pet Planet - £3.69

Let your small pet be the king/queen of their own three-story castle! Easy to assemble with flat pack cardboard and makes for hours of fun.

6. Catillac Play House

Red Candy - £19

Turn your feline friend into a head-turning socialite with this amazing cardboard Cadillac toy. The bumper sticker that reads 'Lost your dog, try looking under my tyres' absolutely killed me!!

7. Dog Toy Smile

Marks and Spencer - £8

Does your dog never sit still enough for the Snapchat filters? No worries, take a photo of him when he's chewing on this for endless laughs this Christmas.

8. Pet Photo Candle

Etsy - £12 + Shipping

Losing a loved one is tough, even more so at Christmas time. Light a personalised candle in memory of your four-legged family member and they'll be around for the holidays in spirit.

9. Grow your own Cat

Amazon - £3

Aspiring crazy cat lady with no feline companions to buy pressies for just yet? Grow your own!

10. I'pawd Dog Toy

Chelsea Dogs - £12.50

Getting a puppy for Christmas? You lucky lucky sod! Buy the puppy an I'pawd, because at least someone in the household has the right to have an apple product right? But remember kids, a dog is for life not just for Christmas (so if you want to donate to me after Christmas I'd be more than happy!)

Love Luce x

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  1. This is the cutest post ever. I honestly never use explore on Instagram!! And btw ig still sucks up any time I have. I totally need that cat scratch laptop!!!

    1. I always use it! You end you finding some really interesting things/also some quite creepy things! Thanks Jackie xx

      Luce x

  2. Haha, this post is great! I love getting my pets gifts!


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