How to protect your blonde when travelling

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Blondes do have more fun, but with that fun comes more responsibly.

It’s hard enough to get that nice un-brassy shade of blonde when you’re at home, but when you’re away and your tresses are attacked by chlorine/suncream/mud and whatever else your trip involves it can be hard to maintain your ashy tones.

My hair seems to have gone every colour of the rainbow since travelling!

We had the most amazing experience at Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary, enjoying a mud bath with 6 of the most amazing creatures I have ever seen. I was having too much fun and was completely oblivious to the fact that my bobble had washed away and the mud was soaking the moisture out of my bleached ends and slowly turning it… yep ORANGE!

How to get rid of orange hair

orange hair travelling

I made the mistake of scrubbing the ends vigorously with my shampoo, which only seemed to activate whatever was left in my hair and made it much worse. I was told to find lemon juice and baking soda which would have helped straight away but I just couldn't find it anywhere. After spending a couple of days in the pool I had noticed the orange had started to disappear. I was convinced the chlorine was helping. I made a conscious effort to sit in the pool for a while longer the next day swishing my ends around in the water in a final bid to get rid of the the ginger tones. It worked! And for two whole days my blonde was back! Until… OMG

How to get rid of green hair

Green hair travelling

Sooo… now I have green hair. The chlorine had got rid of the orange but turned it GREEN. I wasn’t sure which one I would’ve preferred and debated going to get the chop to be done with it all. I took to my insta story for some help asking if anyone knew what to do. A couple of friends teased me for looking like joker,

and another sent me a photo of a bald Britney with the caption… your only option.

However, two helpful gal pals recommended the crazy but brilliant idea of slathering my hair with tomato ketchup. I knew this was an ingredient I could get at the local K mart.

It only bloody worked! 

As green and red are opposites on the colour wheel, the tomatoes neutralised the unwanted green tones. After the first application most of the green had gone. A couple of days later I applied the ketchup again and voila! I am blonde again! A slightly brassy blonde I must say but as soon as I get to Ho Chi Minh City I will purchase some silver shampoo and the dream of my ashy tones will soon become a reality again.

To avoid my situation happening to your beaut blonde locks I really recommend bringing your blonde shampoo, some lemon juice and some emergency baking soda to eliminate those unwanted colours as soon as they arrive! Make sure you rinse your hair before and after taking a swim in a chlorine pool too.

Has your hair ever turned an unwanted shade whilst travelling and how did you fix it?

Love Luce x

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