10 things that are relatable AF if you sunburn too easily

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Repeat after me my pale skinned beauties...


When I was 18 I went on a boat trip in Barcelona and thought…

‘Ooh there’s a lovely breeze… no more topping up sun cream for Lucy today’

… and oh how I was wrong. I got burnt so so bad that my shoulder was bubbling up with third degree burns… horrendous!

So you’d think that this would be enough to make me smother myself in factor 7987387630 and hide away from the sun forever right? But a gals gotta *at least try* to tan.

10 things that are relatable AF if you sunburn too easily

1. Your friends will think they’re hilarious when they tag you on Facebook, comparing you to a Refreshers Squashie sweet

2. Your daily routine just got a lot harder and getting dressed is a task and a half

3. Shower? Nope... unless your idea of a shower is plunging in a bucket of ice

4. Burning your body is not fun, but burning your lips is on another level!

5. That open shoulder, split back, slashed neck top was absolutely gorgeous but the tan lines you’ll get after your burn disappears will not be.

6. You spend your nights smothered in Aloe Vera sitting in front of a fan

7. For some reason you think you can get away without sun cream in this ‘British sun’ – news flash… it’s the SAME GODDAMN SUN

8. Feeling like a snake when the first layer comes off, knowing you shouldn’t but you secretly loving peeling the biggest piece off that you can

9. The pure hatred you have for your ‘olive skin’ friends who ‘never burn’ and look like bronzed goddesses after a mere 10 minutes in the sun

10. And don’t even think about cooling off in the pool as the water reflects the rays onto your skin, cooking you like a piece of bacon sizzling on a pan

So next time the sun has got its hat on remember to slip, slop, slap and for the love of god stay away from the carrot oil.

Love Luce x


  1. Girl I hear ya! I live in Southern California, and yet for some reason keep trying to go out onto the beach with just SPF 30 on. I think I need to just accept that I need SPF 100 at all times!


  2. Omg preach. I burn so easily too. So relatable!!
    Liv xx


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