Venison Sausage Pizza Recipe

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Venison sausage pizza recipe

You should know by now that I am pizza's number 1 fan!

As I leave the country next month (eek) I wanted to spend as much time as possible with family and friends and what better way to get together than to host a pizza party.

I made a ciabatta garlic bread and enough dough for 16 pizzas the previous day.

After just 9 pizzas were demolished... everyone was more than full!

I can’t complain though, as I froze the dough and now it means I can have a fresh pizza whenever I fancy.

I made a selection of ham and mushroom, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato and basil and parma ham.

But the star of the show had to be the smoky, sweet, garlicky venison sausage combo!

I’d picked up some venison sausages in M&S that were reduced to 35p a few weeks ago and popped them in the freezer until I could decide what to do with them!

Eureka! Who doesn’t love a sausage pizza!?

I cooked the sausages in red wine and fresh garlic with red onions the day before so the pizza was super easy to assemble on the day.

I thought I’d share the recipe with you… enjoy!

Venison Sausage Pizza Recipe

Makes 8 individual pizzas

For the dough (makes 8 individual pizzas):

750g strong white bread flour
250g wholemeal flour
2x7 g sachets of dried yeast
650ml warm water
1 tbsp. sea salt
1 tablespoon golden caster sugar

For the sauce:

2 cloves of garlic
1 bunch of fresh basil
olive oil
2 x 400g tin of quality plum tomatoes

For the toppings:

6 venison sausages
1 red onion
1 good glug of red wine
3 sprigs of fresh thyme
3 fresh sage leaves
1 bunch of fresh basil
4 balls of mozzarella

What you will need to do:

1. Start by making your dough. In a bowl combine both flours with the salt and make a well in the centre.

2. Add the yeast and sugar to the warm water, mix together and leave for a few minutes, then pour into the well.

3. Mix together with a fork until the mixture becomes too hard then use your hands.

4. Transfer the ball of dough onto a floured surface and knead by hand for around 10 minutes or until you have a smooth dough that is springy to touch.

5. Place the dough in a large lightly greased bowl, cover with a tea towel and leave in a warm place to prove for 45 minutes, or until doubled in size.

6. Now get on with making your sauce. Peel and finely slice the garlic, then pick the basil leaves and finely chop the stalks.

7. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a pan on a medium-low heat, add the garlic and basil stalks, then cook gently for a couple of minutes, or until the garlic is lightly golden, then add most of the basil leaves, the tomatoes, and a pinch of salt and pepper.

8. Simmer the sauce for around 20 minutes, or until smooth, breaking up the tomatoes up with a wooden spoon then season to taste.

9. Now onto the delicious sausage topping. Add chopped garlic, red onion, sage and thyme to a pan of hot oil and sauté for a few minutes until the onions are soft.

10. Take the sausages out of their skin, pull apart into bite sized pieces and add to the pan.

11. Once the sausages have browned add a good glug of red wine and cook for a further 5-10 minutes, until fully infused. Remove from the heat and set to one side.

12. To assemble the pizzas, divide the dough into 8 equal balls. Flour each dough ball, and then cover with clingfilm, and leave to rest for around 10 minutes. This will make them easier to roll.

13. Dust a clean surface with a little flour and roll it out into a pizza shape, don’t worry if its not completely circle, as it will look more authentic if not!

14. Tear off a piece of tin foil, big enough for the pizza and rub it with olive oil, dust well with flour and place the pizza base on top.

15. When you're ready to cook them, preheat the oven to 250°C/500°F/gas mark 9.

16. Now you can apply your toppings. Start by spreading the tomato sauce all over the base. Take your sausage mixture and dollop generously across the pizza. Tear over the mozzarella and scatter with the remaining basil leaves. Drizzle with a tiny bit of olive oil and add a pinch of salt and pepper.

17. Cook the pizzas one by one on pieces of tin foil directly on the bars of the oven shelf. They should take around 7 to 10 minutes, until they are golden, crispy and the cheese is bubbling up.

18. Serve with a huge salad and enjoy!

Love Luce x

p.s Please let me know if you make this wonderful sausage pizza and what you thought of it.

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  1. This looks absolutely delicious! Will have to try it out one day, thanks for the recipe! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile


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