How to travel South East Asia

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

So you want to travel around South East Asia?

But how do you even begin to plan your trip of a lifetime when everything is so far away and so different from what you know? If you follow me on Twitter you'll see that we've started to plan our 7 week trip around Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore.

I’ve rounded up some of my top tips to help you get started.

When to go

You’ll need to decide whether you’re going to travel in wet or dry season.

Southeast Asia has a warm, tropical climate with temperatures around 30°C for most of the year.

November to February is the high season for tourism and stays moderately cool and dry.

Advantages: Probably the ‘best’ time to visit as you can almost guarantee perfect sunny days and minimal rain.

March to May can see the temperatures climb to over 40°C.

Advantages: If you like the heat this is the time for you!

June to October is the rainy season. Expect a short torrential shower in the afternoon.

Advantages: Less tourists, fewer crowds and lower prices.

Where to go

When creating your itinerary you’ll need to choose which countries you’re going to visit.

Thailand – Taste some of the best street food in the world and sip cocktails at the legendary beach bars. Island hop from Koh Tao for some of the best scuba diving sites to Koh Phangan to dance the night away at the Full Moon Party. Shop til’ you drop in Bangkok’s huge city malls and experience an ethical elephant encounter in Chiang Mai.

Vietnam – Take part in a traditional cooking class in Hue and educate yourself on the countries rich history. Sail around a UNESCO World Heritage site in Halong Bay and relax in a mud bath at the Thap Ba Hot Springs in Nha Trang. Or spend some time relaxing on Phu Quoc, one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

Cambodia – Shoot an AK47 in Siem Riep and explore the floating villages at Tonle Sap lake. Take an emotional tour at the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum. Watch the sunrise at Ankor Watt and taste the freshest seafood straight from the sea.

Laos – Breath-taking sunsets over the Mekong River and an abundance of natural waterfalls add to the tranquil atmosphere of Laos. Indulge in the rich coffee culture that the French colonists left behind and enjoy the infamous tubing in Vang Vieng.

Singapore – One of the cleanest countries in the world packed with vibrant architecture and rich culture. Visit Universal Studios for the day and spend a night in The Marina Bay Sands hotel for seriously impressive views of the skyline from the infinity pool.

Work out your budget

It’s important to work out how much you’ll need to save for your trip to make sure you can tick off everything on your bucket list. Once you’ve booked your accommodation and cheap flights you can then work out how much you have left for activities.

You should budget around £5-£10 a day for food in SE Asia as you are in street food paradise and can usually snap up a filling meal for around a couple of pounds. We’ve worked out that we will have £30 each a day for our 7 week trip after flights and accommodation. This will be more than enough for necessities which will mean we can indulge in some great excursions too.

Trail wallet is a great free app that you can download to track your expenses whilst you are on your trip.

Packing tips

When packing for a trip around South East Asia make sure you pack light as you’ll have to carry everything on your back. I definitely recommend buying some travel cubes as they make life easier when pulling things out of your backpack on the move.

You should also tie some bright coloured ribbons (or something that you will recognise) onto your backpack, as when you go to collect your bag off the carousel  at the airport you’ll be surprised to see the amount of ‘black backpacks’ that look completely identical.

You can buy most clothing items in Thailand such as, traditional harem pants complete with elephant print, a ‘same same but different’ vest and a sarong in every colour of the rainbow. Take a decent pair of shoes and minimal toiletries. Pack plenty of sun cream as it can be pricey to purchase when you’re there.

Pre-travel checklist

  Download offline maps of each area

  Print out itinerary (can’t rely on internet)

  Send itinerary to family and friends

□  Make sure you have travel insurance/visas

  Portable charger for your phone

□  Make sure you’ve had the relevant vaccinations

  Look into applying for a travel credit card with a good exchange rate

  Make sure your passport is up to date

Love Luce x

p.s let me know if you use any of my tips when you go on your travels xox


  1. Thank you for sharing this post :) I found your tips really helpful, especially on the times of years to go and things to do in each of the places!! I want to go travelling over summer next year so, I guess it would be best to start planning a trip now - South East Asia looks like a perfect option :)

    Have a lovely Thursday :)

    Chloe @

  2. Going to miss you a lot sis ! xox


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