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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have heard my big announcement… 

We’re moving back to Australia!!

But not before we make a few stop offs via South East Asia first. I absolutely LOVE planning trips. I never purchase package deals as the mark up on the activities/flights/accommodation can be ridiculous. Instead I plan it all out and find the cheapest flights and accommodation separately.

Here are my top tips on how to do this.



‘When to fly and buy’ – Hopper lets you search for a flight, and using algorithms it determines when you should buy the flights to get the best price. If the price is too high you can add an alert to get a notification anytime the price drops.


This website is great when you have a destination in mind but your dates are flexible. Once you’ve searched for the flight, it’ll show you a bar chart with prices. This way you can change your dates slightly to get the cheapest flights. The prices usually don’t include baggage and this can add up to £20 extra per person depending on the airline/booking site. Once you factor this cost in sometimes the second or third cheapest offer can overall be cheaper – make sure you shop around!


A great website to use if you’re not sure where to fly to. You can select the airport you want to fly from and select ‘Anywhere’ as the destination. It puts all connecting flights on an easy to view map within your set budget.

Top tip: Even after using the above websites to find flights I went to the airlines directly to double check. This actually saved me about £50 (for two tickets) as the baggage was included in their tickets. Most of the time I haven’t been this lucky and the prices are identical, but it’s definitely worth a check.


My personal favourite for booking accommodation, although there are other similar sites (Expedia, Trivago, TravelPony, Agoda – apparently Agoda is the best for Asia but I’ve not used this yet!). offers a free cancellation option, before a certain date, with some hotels – meaning if your plans change, you can cancel the room without any worry. This is my favourite feature when travelling. Once you’ve booked a few times through this website, you will become a genius member and will benefit from even more discount!


Becoming more and more popular every year, this website allows you to book a room in someone’s house, or even a full apartment. It’s always been cheaper than hotels and even hostels when I’ve used it. It can also be cheap if you’re booking a full apartment with family or a group of friends.


And what’s cheaper than free? I’ve never used this, but I know a few friends who’ve have positive experiences, especially when travelling alone. People ‘host’ their home for free, which is a great way to stay with locals and meet travellers.

Love Luce x


  1. Ill be adding this to my favourites! So good to know cheapest booking way.
    Ps so jealous of you moving to Australia!
    Nicole Nicoleannx


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