The best coffee in Newcastle - Flat Caps

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

If you read my open love letter to coffee a couple of months ago then you will already know my passion for caffeine.

If you live in the North East then you are about to get VERY excited.

Call off the search because I have found it, and I’m about to share it with you.

The best coffee in Newcastle is at … Flat Caps Coffee.

Have I been blind for the past year and a half? Yes it may be slightly hidden below walking level on Carliol Street but it’s literally right next door to my gym, and inside it's Instagram heaven.

Hanging succulents, wooden tables, comfy sofas, ambient music and the strong aroma of freshly ground coffee please all of your senses as you step inside this cosy and friendly café.

They pride themselves on ‘proper brewed coffee’, and that’s exactly what they serve up.

Last Saturday I popped in for a post-workout latte. Every sip is a dream and is honestly the best coffee I’ve tasted since living in Melbourne in 2015.

Flat Caps is a proper coffee connoisseurs dream as there are three brew methods that you can choose from; filter, aeropress or syphon.

Syphon is an old fashioned way of brewing and produces a super clean bright coffee. Two chambers are set up and the coffee is brewed through vapour pressure and vacuum.

Who wouldn’t want a mini science experiment placed on the table in front of them? It's very much the coffee version of The Alchemist! This definitely makes for a luxury caffeine experience. I’m sure Flat Caps is the only place in town that offers this method too!


Not only do you choose your preferred process, but you can pick the type of coffee too. They have a minimum of two guest coffees available on the brew board at any one time from different roasting companies across the UK and Europe.

There’s also a tempting range of sweet treats at the counter and an impressive breakfast and lunch menu to choose from.

These guys know their stuff when it comes to coffee, and coffee is the way to my heart so I suppose I’m pretty much in love with Flat Caps!

I’ve also heard a rumour about the “best hot chocolate ever” being served here, I will be testing this theory soon.

This quirky and unique café is now my regular coffee spot in town, and should be yours too. So whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to get some work done, meeting up with friends or just want to relax and treat yourself after a gym session next door, get yourself to Flat Caps today… you will not be disappointed.

Twitter: @FlatCapJoe

Love Luce x


  1. Wow, the first picture is so beautiful. The interior of this coffee shop is gorgeous. If I'm ever in Newcastle, I'll certainly stop by. Great post. xx

    Coco Bella Blog

  2. My experience there was awful - did not syphon the coffee at the table as in the picture. The menu might look nice - but really disappointing. Overpriced, lacking in flavour, plants as part of decor mainly dead - certainly not up to London artisan quality coffee standards - don't charge London prices.
    Would not go back there ever

  3. It was a great and fun night. With astounding music. stag weekends


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