Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask Review

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Now who doesn’t love avocados? Everyone’s going a lil bit crazy over them at the mo. Avocado on toast, burgers, in smoothies and even with eggs inside their holes. Now you can bring your avos to the bedroom and put dry skin to bed with this ultra-rich avocado overnight mask!

The natural oils from the avos deeply penetrate your skin and provide instant hydration. The added Japanese seaweed is said to prevent future dehydration and slow down signs of premature ageing (yes please).

This is the second product that I have purchased from Origins. The Origins Super Spot Remover has been a lifesaving addition to my skincare routine. A few dabs on a stubborn pimple before you go to bed and in the morning… voila!

Amazed by how effective this product was I knew I wanted to try something else from the brand. I was given a small sample of this mask which I got around 3-4 uses out of. Even after the first use I was hooked!

It’s extremely moisturising without feeling too thick and soaks in straight away. You only need a pea size amount as a little goes a long way. Any dry patches you have will disappear like magic overnight and when you wake you’ll feel like you’ve been reborn again.

I actually could not live without it. It smells so beautiful too and is such a treat to use. I have sensitive/combination skin and struggle to find a good balance. This mask is gentle enough yet provides deep hydration to the dry areas of my skin.

Pop down to your local Origins counter and ask for a sample, or trust me and buy the full size tube. I purchased the special edition pink tube at no extra cost as £4 of every purchase will go towards Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

You won't be disappointed.

Be prepared for fresh, clean, supple soft skin ready to take on the day.

Have you tried this amazing mask before or anything else from Origins that you swear by?

Love Luce x


  1. I really want to improve my skincare routine, and this product sounds lovely! I love that £4 goes to charity too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

  2. This is going onto my wishlist right away, it seems amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This sounds like an amazing mask!!! Great Review!


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