Philip Kingsley Plump & Shine Review

Monday, 20 March 2017

I’ve been bleaching my hair for around 10 years, which has taken its toll on my locks over time - so it’s important that I have a quality product in my collection that will nourish and protect my hair and scalp.

The most cost effective way to try a new product is buy a travel pack as a kind of luxury sample for you to test drive before you splurge on the full sized version.

I picked up this cute lil Plump & Shine trio from M&S and have been using the products for almost 3 months.

Weatherproof Hairspray

I can’t count how many times this product has saved my day especially with the weather in England recently.

Storm Doris didn’t stand a chance.

Naturally frizzy hair + 25 minutes walk + fine spitty style rain = an absolute wiry mess by the time I get to work. But when you add the weatherproof hairspray to the equation, my hair stays poker straight and is not affected by damp or wind in the slightest!

I’m one of these gals who would normally buy the cheapest hairspray on the shelf, cos it’s JUST hairspray right? WRONG. This lil baby is worth every penny. It sets hair naturally without looking greasy and stiff, and brushes out easily. Spray this product on styled hair to give an anti-static, weatherproof hold without that sticky feel.


The multi-award winning, best-selling Elasticizer was originally created for Audrey Hepburn who wanted an intense treatment that would protect her hair to keep it in a healthy condition whilst having frequent styling and colouring done to it on movie sets.

I have thin, flyaway hair that I bleach to keep blonde so it’s important to find something that will prevent snappage and help keep it bouncy and shiny.

After the first use my hair felt like I’d just walked out of a salon. It’s now a firm part of my Sunday night routine as a pre-shampoo treatment to maintain the moisture, particularly in the ends of my hair. I use a small amount, massage into damp hair and wrap it in cling film to retain the heat. The natural oils penetrate the hair follicles, which also helps maintain scalp health.

You know you’re using a good product when people start to compliment you more and ask where you got your hair done!

Prep Plumping Cream

I heart this plumping cream so much. I used to be a big fan of backcombing my hair to create that sought after volume, but with this cream you don’t need to.  My hair feels twice as thick and I couldn’t live without it.

Apply a small amount and work through damp hair and comb through before blow-drying to create thicker and fuller hair. This cream does really well with helping the frizz stay at bay during the day and the sweet scent of cherry blossom is beautiful.

I would 100% purchase the full sized versions of these three products.

What are your fave hair care products to protect and nourish your hair?

Love Luce x

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