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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver super food family classics

Ok.. so not literally. I wish. Honestly I feel like he is kinda my hero recently. I’m becoming a little obsessed. Every time I’ve tried a recipe of his my taste buds have hit the roof and changed my life. I will no longer buy the ready to make fajita packs and I can never JUST fry off a pepper. I’m not satisfied until I have created a mini BBQ over my hob and charred the lil capsicums to reveal the sweet goodness that lies beneath the skin. And who would have thought making your own tommy k was so easy but strangely satisfying and so bloody yummy?

If there’s someone who loves Jamie O more than me it has to be Michael. I have never seen someone get so excited over receiving the super food family classics book for his secret santa as he did that day.

Part of his nightly routine is now flicking through the pages and planning the next meal that we will cook at the weekend. I say WE will cook but I mean I will cook. Michael takes the role of ‘supervisor’ shouting out the ingredients list but mainly drooling over the image and secretly judging my attempt to create a visual masterpiece.

If you have the book you’ll know that the avocado on rye page is quite something! I remember reading somewhere that we Brits spent £9m more on avocados than oranges last year. And now there’s even an emoji dedicated to it we’ve all gone avo crazy. Jamie Oliver explores using the healthy fat in ways you would never imagine. Mixing it with chocolate? My fave has to be the beetroot, hummus, cottage cheese concoction topped with an avo, olive oil and mixed seeds. Bizarre but absolutely delicious!

Another great combo is smashed avo topped with half a boiled egg, sliced chorizo and sesame seeds. This one is perfect for a weekend treat and really takes no time at all.

Which Jamie Oliver recipe is your fave? And if you haven’t already, buy the book and get involved!

Written with pure love and passion for FOOD and not in any way sponsored by Jamie Oliver *dreaming*

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Love Luce x

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