7 days of freebies

Sunday, 29 January 2017

We're all a bit strapped for cash this month so here is a full weeks worth of the best freebies out there... it'll be pay day soon!

It's Monday and if you don't wanna walk you shouldn't have to. Google have teamed up with Uber, and they're offering new and existing customers £20 off a ride when you book through the Google Maps app. When you open the app and search a route it will suggest that you book with Uber. Link your Uber account, tick the box to apply the promo code and away you go. 

Top tip: Share your Uber code with friends and family, and even on your social media platforms as every time someone signs up you receive a free trip up to £10.

Forget cheap Tuesday's... say hello to free Tuesday's. Sign up to Show Film First to be added to the mailing list for free film premiers. You’ll have to be quick though as the tickets are taken pretty much straight away.

Top tip: Turn on your email notifications from this sender so you are notified straight away when tickets are available.

Happy #humpday! You've made it to the middle of the week, take a deep breath and relax with a free doughnut, we're nearly there. Join friends of Krispy Kreme and pop into your nearest store to receive your free original glazed doughnut.

Top tip: If you're like me and one doughnut isn't enough, when you buy a dozen you will get another dozen free!

As it's January, this is a great one. I look around my office now and there is so many people swapping their ‘normal’ cuppa (1 sugar plz) for the healthy green tea. Their faces are such a picture and some even hold their noses whilst swallowing it, but not me! Early this year I stumbled across PG Tips new flavoured green tea. The lemon pie flavour is incredible! It genuinely smells like a cake and is very drinkable. PG Tips will send you a free cuppa in the post of their new strawberry shortcake version, of which I can’t wait to try.

Top tip: The packs of 25 are on offer at the mo at Morrisons!

It's Friyay and this freebie is available every month! If you sign up here, Pitcher and Piano will email you a voucher for a free drink. This month you can get a free mojito or a bottle of Heineken.

Top tip: Drink responsibly!

Everyone loves a mooch around IKEA on a Saturday. Have you ever left the store and not bought anything? No? That’s because you didn’t know you needed that £1 apple slicer or that ridiculously cheap bedside table; don’t worry that’s a good thing because when you buy absolutely anything (and you will), swipe your IKEA family card at the till you will receive a code on your receipt. Take your receipt to the IKEA family kiosk and find out what you’ve won - it could be anything from a hotdog or a donut to a family holiday in Sweden.

Top tip: You can also get an extra 10% off sale items with your family card!

How many times have you been hungover and would pay any amount in the world for someone to deliver food straight to your door? Well Deliveroo can make all your dreams come true! Most fast food outlets such as KFC and Burger King are also getting in on the action, as well as your fave restaurants in the area too! If you’re lucky enough to have deliveroo in your area then here is the easiest way to get FREE FOOD.
As soon as you sign up get yourself over to Twitter and search #deliveroocode. There will be plenty of people sharing their discount code for you to get £5 off; you’ll also be helping them out as when you sign up they receive £5 off too! You can see where I’m going with this… share your own discount code on all of your social media platforms and with friends and family too. At the moment I’m up to £25 credit in my account and this will come in VERY handy next Sunday morning.

Top tip: Use my code lucyc2424 for £5 off straight away! (new customers only)

All deals valid at date of post.

Love Luce x


  1. Urm, hello! *heart eyes emoji* I am so down for getting all the free food, please and thank you!! I wonder if the Krispy Kreme deal works for the little Tesco in-store things... xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    1. Thanks Lucy! (what a great name)
      I think the Krispy Kreme deal is in its own stores only! Let me know if you manage to grab one at a Tesco though!! xxx


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